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We are the industry leader specializing in the installation of the third nail into hurricane clips throughout the State of Florida.

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Maximum Solutions specializes in helping our customers save money on their Florida homeowners insurance. There is only one area where home owners can make a minimum investment while receiving a maximum return — Adding a third nail!

Due to the changes of the new Florida wind mitigation forms in 2012 home owners do not receive discounts for hurricane straps/clips with less than three nails. Adding a third nail to the homes hurricane straps will help strengthen and prepare your home for a stronger wind intake AND insurance companies give substantial discounts for this repair. We are here to help keep money in your pocket and a roof over your head! Maximum Solutions has the knowledge and experience to perform this repair backed up by our 100% money back guarantee.

You may benefit from this repair if your home was built before 2002, or if your most recent wind mitigation shows in section 4. roof to wall attachment is checked/shaded as A. toenails.

If you are unsure of what it is, or if you would need this repair, any questions or concerns please contact us for a FREE evaluation.

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