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We are the industry leader specializing in the installation of the third nail into hurricane clips throughout the State of Florida.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How can I check if I need this upgrade for my home?

The easiest way to check is to look at your Wind Mitigation form section 4. Roof to wall Attachment. If you have box A checked or shaded for Toe Nails you NEED this upgrade!

Q:How much will I save a year on my homeowners insurance policy?

Contact your insurance agent and ask them what discount would be if your Wind Mitigation is updated from A: Toenails on roof to wall attachment to B: Clips. After Maximum Solutions adds the extra nails to your clips/straps you will qualify for the clip credit!

Q:What is difference between Clips and Single Wraps?

Most older homes will qualify for clips. Clips only connect on one side of roof truss and require 3 nails. Single wraps will wrap over roof truss to opposing side and require a minimum of 2 nails on front of strap and one on opposing side.
*Typically savings are 20%-50% off total premium depending on other credit!

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